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Exotic cultivated mushrooms /pickled/
Exotic FOREST mushrooms /pickled/
Vegetable cans
Dried EXOTIC / FOREST mushrooms in PET-jars
Company was established in 1992 as a mushroom exporting company for a fresh, dried and brined mushrooms. In a short time the company developed production of canned mushrooms, fruit and vegetables in the own canning factory at Kurtovo Konare – Bulgaria.

The factory is located in the heart of Bulgaria – the Tracian country land. This area is well known of the intensive vegetable production on the fat land. Good irrigated, it lays between two high Bulgarian mountains – Stara Planina and Rodopite. From the ancient times there was cultivated a lot of vegetable cultures.
Several hundred years ago at the Bulgarian village Kurtovo Konare was imported and planted the red American long pepper for the first time all over the Balkans. There for you can meet this kind of pepper on the encyclopedias as “Kurtovo Kapia”. Sterling using all those possibilities our company is concentrated on two main works: first – manufacture and export of wild and cultivated mushrooms and second – high ecological and perfect quality canned mushrooms, fruit and vegetables.
Our products are free of any preservatives, artificial flavors, colors or additives. The ingredients are all natural.

We are exporting our products in Europe, North America and Australia under our own registered trade mark “SOLA”. We are also working under the customers trade labels –depending of their special requirements.

A bigger part of our products are certified Kosher.
Good luck and good appetite with the “SOLA” products !
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